Welcome to the Chicago Radio Time Capsule, our little museum dedicated to the medium's storied past.  Some items you may remember, while others may be a bit obscure.  Enjoy your tour as we travel back through time.


Click here to see the full-size survey! With all that talk of Steve and Garry getting back together, how fitting to go back to a time when they were both on WLS-FM in the afternoons. Click on the survey which is from November 28, 1981  for the full size.

Meanwhile in'81, Johnny B was still trying to transition from his success in Phoenix.  It took quite a while for Chicago to accept him.  Although they tried almost anything, as evidenced here with Loopster Lorelei.

Sure, today  stations give away tens of thousands of dollars.   Back  in 1967, it only took a free WCFL calendar to keep listeners happy!
A detailed look at the 1980 WCLR-FM (now WTMX) staff.  No doubt they're your kind of people.


No it's not an ad.  More time capsule stuff in here!

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